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  • Consultations

    • Free Initial Consultation (Weight Loss) Free
      Make an informed decision. Schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about our services and what weight loss options would work best for you. 
    • Free Initial Consultation (Smoking) Free
      Make an informed decision. Schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about stopping smoking with hypnosis.
    • Free Initial Consultation (For Other Reasons) Free
      Make an informed decision. Schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about our services, what we offer, and see if it's right for you.
    • Free Phone Consultation Free
      This consultation is available for people who live outside of the Boise, Idaho area or just can't make it into the office for other reasons. Yes...we can still help! During this consultation we will ask you questions about your situation and suggest some options for you to be able to take advantage of the helpfulness of hypnosis without ever leaving the privacy of your own home.  
    • Functional Health Assessment $197
      This is a two-part appointment. During your 1st appointment, information will be gathered via comprehensive intake paperwork as well as discussing the details of the issue(s), in order to understand the health challenge as thoroughly as possible. At your follow-up appointment, findings, recommendations, and/or treatment options will e reviewed. $197 covers the cost of BOTH appointments. 
  • Hypnotherapy

    • Hypnotherapy Session $97
      Personalized hypnosis session based on your goals. If you are a first time client, we recommend scheduling a free initial consultation either in-office or on the phone to determine if what you are wanting to work on can be addressed with hypnosis and if it requires more than one appointment. 
    • Light & Sound Room Hypnosis $27
      Light stimulation, binaural beats, and hypnotic tracks expertly layered for a focused dose of high-tech hypnosis to help you reach your goals.
    • Light & Sound Hypnosis PLUS L&S Recording $40
      Enjoy a Light & Sound Session plus get a copy of your chosen session in CD or MP3 format for home use. 
  • Coaching

    • Health Coaching $57
    • Nutrition Coaching $57
      Get personalized recommendations based on your current situation and your desired goals.
    • Fitness Coaching $57
      Get personalized recommendations based on your desired goals, as well as working around any challenges.
    • Solution/Life Coaching $57
      Actively problem solve by looking at things from different perspectives. Get non-judgmental advice and recommendations. Useful for a variety of problems and issues.
    • Relationship Coaching $57
      Get help with problem solving or communication in your relationship. This is not marriage counseling. This is a solution based approached to help you understand each other's prespective and help you reach a a better place of understanding so you can move forward.
    • Phone Coaching $30
      Can't come into the office or live out of town? Speak with Dr. McKinney on the phone about the issue. This service must be prepaid for by calling 208-570-5277 in advance of appointment. 



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